"Partners For Your Success"
1450 North Broadway
Lexington, Kentucky 40505

Dianna A. Ross 
Founder & CEO

Dianna brings a wealth of professional management experience to our company. Previously she was Senior Vice President for the Eastern Region of a large lateral hire firm. The duties of that position allowed her to manage a highly profitable business division while also specializing in the recruitment of Intellectual Property and Labor & Employment attorneys.
Jean Ann Franke
Vice President

Jean Ann joined us after a career spent developing individuals and advancing careers both within and outside organizations. She began as an educator, moving from traditional roles of teacher, counselor and school psychologist to a postsecondary venue. There she applied her people skills, evaluation expertise and analytical training to job profiling, creating customized pre-employment assessment batteries and screening candidates for suitable hires within business and industry sectors. It's that skillset that makes Jean Ann one of the best recruiters in our industry.